About Us

Founded by Jill Card in 2009, it takes just one visit to any of our three sunshine-inspired locations to realize we are true to our name! What can find when you walk through our doors? Jeans and, you guessed it, cute tops! 

But that’s not all. 

Trend-setting and handpicked fashion that is on point for the season you’re shopping for awaits your arrival. From adorable dresses and tunics to leggings and accessories, Jeans and a Cute Top Shop have everything you need for either a night out or to add to your fashionable, always-evolving wardrobe. 

We are dedicated to providing you with a to a friendly, fun, and helpful shopping experience to every customer that walks through our doors.

At Jeans and a Cute Top Shop, we keep our prices affordable and on trend at our three multigenerational boutiques in Wheaton, St. Charles, and Downers Grove.

Our stylish staff is always ready to jump in and help you pull together a perfect look that fits and flatter you and your budget. 

As we like to say here at Jeans and a Cute Top Shop, “Come play with us!”

About Jill Card


Jill Card has a B.A. in Advertising and Communications from the University of Illinois–Champaign.  She used her marketing and communications skills during her 10 years in the private club industry. She began as a Membership Director for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Club and received extensive sales training from the parent company–Club Corporation of America.  

After two years, Jill went on to the Mid-Day Club, a member-owned, private Chicago luncheon club. Member recognition and exceptional customer service were always at the forefront as she remained responsible for the club’s special events, membership sales, and marketing promotions.  She authored Mid-Day Club’s 100-year anniversary book, as well.  

She left the private club industry after 10 years to stay home with her two boys, now 16 and 19. In 2006, on a whim, Jill started working for Ann Taylor, a retail women’s clothing store in Wheaton Town Square. She had no idea that she would grow so quickly in the Ann Taylor Corporation and that this little part-time job was a pivotal stepping stone towards becoming an entrepreneur.  

Jeans and a Cute Top Shop was created to be the kind of shop that Jill had always hoped to find. She loved Ann Taylor’s style but knew that it did not fit the everyday lifestyle of most women she knew, including herself.  

Jill Card spent years in search of the perfect fitting pair of jeans which took her to New York, and even there she could not find exactly what she was looking for.  With the support of her husband, who told her to wear “jeans and a cute top” on their first date, she followed this unexpected path to Jeans and a Cute Top Shop.  She now has three Jeans and a Cute Top Shops located in Wheaton, St. Charles, and Downers Grove. 

Jill Card works the floor of one of her shops every day and is committed to her gratifying mission of changing the world for women one great fitting pair of jeans at a time.